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Spring Ventures: Opening of Diosa Nails HQ

diosa4“Finite to fail, but infinite to venture”- Emily Dickinson

Spring has sprung with new life changes for owner and founder of Diosa Nails, Diana Long! Under a year ago, frequent nail art social events titled, D-Day were introduced to the New York City socials.

 Reserved in different locations, Diana Long event showcase Diosa’a seasonal nail polish line and it included refreshments, interesting gifts and complementary nail art manicures, done by some one New York’s most recognizable nail girls in the game. Now fast-forwarding into a new year, the Diosa brand is growing with a new place to call home: the Diosa HQ, located in the Bronx part of Nyc!

Speaking of the inevitable, Diosa HQ opens more opportunities for everyone interested in expanding their network in the creative business market. For example: Diosa Nails invite nail technicians and give them a place to work with their clients. But the Diosa HQ is not just exculisvely nail art limited; it is also open to other creative venders to interconnect with consumers coming to get a manicure and pedicure in a cozy intimate setting. This brings a new meaning to a work/life balance! [Header Photo: Mini Montague & Diana Long] :




diosa21Nail Artist: Mimi Montague & Kelly Blackwell




diosa9“Porn Star” board game gifted from, Owl By Envy


diosa23Diana new addition: Baby, Alma! Perfecting her “camera ready” pose. So cute!







Services : various nail manicure including nail art, pedicures, hair and eyelash extension application by TrueLengths

 Nail Technician: Any nail technician in the NYC in need of work space? Visit DiosaNails.Com for more information!


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