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Cunnt Claws Nail’d


 Organically feeling like myself with the classic, half-moon nail design. Every now-and-then when I want to downplay my overly outspoken design choice, I recreate the half-moon depending on mood. My real-time nail length has grown to be a lot longer than usual but I didn’t mind sporting the dramatic look! (snaps) The nail polish used [ Esse: Yellow / Lime Crime: Once Upon A Blue Mousse]:






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Is it your hands? Cuz it aint your face: Tip Drill

In the late 1990s, one of the first people to be spotted with a pierced nail was, (singer-songwriter) Missy Elliot. Now, in the 21-century the cutting edge styles of , Nail Piercings are back! These style have been spotted at the, Emerson’s spring 2013 runway show, to the world of social network where we view our favorite artists nailing nail-addicts like myself and many other nail lovers this season:

Nailjerks pierced

astrowifey: pressy pressy gal

britney pierced


On any given finger, nail charms can be pierced through your nail. From personal experience, choosing the right finger is key! Only, because nail charms tend to get attach to things or fall off without awareness. To avoid this from happening, placing nail piercing on the pinky or ring finger is greatly recommended (these fingers are used fewer than the others).

attitude pierced

tipgang me 2

britney 2 pierced

Our outright new addiction!!! For someone who love nail art,but do not fancy the full “ten-finger” nail designs, this may be good for you. One can simply get a plain color manicure, and with the nail piercing mix- nail art is still created!Light work…Get into it! TIP DRILLS!!!