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Artsy MAN-icure!


[Bold prints and Yoko Ono alongside. Inspiration moment for sure]. Got to give it up to the bold men who are not bothered by the concept of having art on nails. That concept has come along way…What a way to display uniSEX vision, Bravo! [ Special thanks to , Cruz Nicolas for the support!]


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Cunnt Claws Nail’d


 Organically feeling like myself with the classic, half-moon nail design. Every now-and-then when I want to downplay my overly outspoken design choice, I recreate the half-moon depending on mood. My real-time nail length has grown to be a lot longer than usual but I didn’t mind sporting the dramatic look! (snaps) The nail polish used [ Esse: Yellow / Lime Crime: Once Upon A Blue Mousse]:






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Cunnt Claws x Friends nail’d: Tracy Kawaii

Queens, New York is where you could find me sometimes, having funny chats with my girl- Tracy Allison aka Tracy Kawaii. Never a dull moment for us, and this time I bought my childhood friend, zulayka Adamson along so, she can get birthday nail art! Plus, to let her witness why her cell phone needs to be on stand-by due to the intense detail session. Her “phone-addiction” ways had a serious challenge…No texting-sit still! (My phone conversation going to nail appointments: Girl, let me live for a couple hours while I get my nails did, brb!


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