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Sōzō-teki art ALERT! : Nails by Mei

 LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS EXPLODE: Art is the visual expression or presentation of human inventive skills and imagination. Below are some thought-provoking art work pieces from Japanese nail artist, Mei Kawajiri (Nails by MEI). These art works from Mei, transcends photographic stories taken from life’s conception.

ciamanhanttan art 9Favorite 1: Claws!

ciaomanhattan art3Puff, puff…pass

ciamanhattan artBloody tips…

ciamanhattan art 10Favorite 2 : Feministic behavior

ciaomanhattan RT 4Each keys of claws, have a different tune…

ciamanhanttan art1“Claw-ssor” with no strings attach

ciamanhattan art 5Not sure if you can clearly see the wording : Love…Hate…. (YOU CHOOSE)

ciamanhattan art 8DO YOU LIKE IT: Square, Round, Stiletto, Edge, Squoval?

ciamanhattan art 11Favorite 3: For my “GOAL-DIGGIN” cunnt!!!

NAIL TALK : If you had to purchase your favorite(s), which one would you buy?