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ncLA: Wrap it up!

 Occasionally, being a woman is not always easy. Trying to balance a busy schedule, with just only 24 hours in the day, there is a guarantee that there is always something that goes incomplete due to time.  For example, a well needed manicure! Can you image the agony of getting off from work, and only having less then a hour to freshen up before your important anniversary dinner, and your nails are not done to perfection?! Yes ladies, little do you know your hands are observe and is the main attraction while engaging in juicy chats at the diner table… Well (waah-laaa) the days for that are over! Cunnt Claws have the solution; ncLA extensive design choices of nail wraps.

 ncLA, nail wraps are design to give you a quick and easy manicure with no hassles and messiness. Fun for any age, ncLa nail wraps are safe while giving protection to those claws that you love to keep pretty. Below, check out the images & video of my- reverse french manicure with the incorporation of a DIY moment of ncLA excitement.

UntitledncLA: It Don’t Matter

Just in case you were intrigued with the supa fun colored nail wrap used in the demonstration video, Click here to purchase!


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