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Claw it: Vintage Camera Neckpiece

BLOG SALE PHOTO 2Are you a bloggers, photographers, videographers or everyone who uses a camera? The “Vintage Camera” necklace is all you! New unisex accessory now available in both black and red color way! In the shop now! Shop Cunnt Claws  [Model : Brandon Ligon]


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NEW PRODUCT: Nail-Art Concept Book

book2Nail art lovers: Every had a new nail art concept suddenly popped into your head out of nowhere then within reach, you find yourself using random objects just to sketch out those ideas before your brain goes blank? WHALA, you no longer have to worry! Cunnt Claws is proud to announce the first portable on-the-go nail-art sketchbook to aspiring and/or professional nail artist striving for a fast and organize lifestyle!


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Cunnt Claws Nail’d : Venice, PIMP MY NAILS

decals14Finally unfolding the extraordinary adventure from a few weeks back (Spring Break) of Cunnt Claws in the scenic, Los Angeles! Yes, enchanting memories it still remains as the preparation for the Dope Digits and Cunnt Claws introductory collaborative nail decals products were in full effect and I got the chance to get PIMP’d by darling Lili Nguyen of Venice PIMP MY NAILS!! Continue reading

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NEW PRODUCT: Cunnt Claws x Dope Digits

I think it’s very important that whatever you’re trying to make, sell, or teach has to be basically good. A bad product and you know what? You won’t be here in ten years –Martha Stewart

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Cunnt Wishlist (Pt.1)

Tis the season to be jolly! And, Happy Holidays again  to everyone stopping by! So glad to be in this month specially because it’s a that time of the season where you reunite and get closer to love ones, exchange sentimental, and most importantly live out memories with love ones. Not to mention, it’s also the time where you find yourself buying more items than usual! I have just made  life a little bit easier for that special someone in your life who is overly obsess with living that “nail life” lifestyle,(or just anyone open to it at least). Life is oh so sweet in the world of nail art when you got some killer items to match your cunnt manicures. Check out our favorite items on this segment of, Cunnt Wishlist part 1:


master class kitSHOP



formulax BLOGSHOP



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Rad Nails Featuring: Ria Nailz & Sleign Bells

Once again, adding to the growing list of DIY nail art goodies featured here on the, Cunnt Claws’ website- we could’nt be more  stoked to present you with yet another yummy treat! (Hint…hint: just in time for the holidays).

Stimulating nothing but desire: Brooklyn native, Ria Lopez (Ria Nailz) teams up with American pop star, Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells to give us some fun printed nail art wrap exclusively for New York’s nail art brand, Rad Nails. Here to represent the Bitter Rival nails wraps, nail artist Ria Lopez chats with us:


 Give us the inside scoop that stem the collaboration between you and Rad Nails?

The collaboration came about, because Alexis and I were discussing what would be a good way to give women something more then just a t-shirt at their Sleigh Bells shows. We felt like it would be cool to have something different specifically for women, and what better way then nail wraps!

ria nailz 5

 Freaking love the complementary colors of the, pink and yellow color coordination. Individually, which single nail design is your favorite? 

 I don’t have a single favorite. Alexis and I designed them with all of them being our favorites!

ria nailz 3

 Describe your signature nail art style? And how did these sets of nail wraps represent that?

 The nail wraps were inspired by, Sleigh Bells album cover artwork- which is two bad ass guitars; one pink and one yellow with tiger stripes. I don’t think I have a signature nail art style but I do try to make some; tuff, fun, badass nails and these nail wraps definitely represented that.


 When coming up with the ideas for designs- what kind of customer was the intended target?

 Our target customers were, all of the women and girls that come out to the Sleigh Bells show and they don’t have a “RiaNailz” with them.


 Will there be more nail wraps from, Ria Nailz?

 I don’t have any plans right now to make more nail wraps, but who knows what 2014 will bring.

ria nailz

 Amazing collaboration!

Folks clutch these nail wraps, so you too can have some “RiaNailz”!!!! 

Shop Now!

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Nail Art Selfie: Master Class Kit

 In 2012, nail polish sales zoomed sky high due to consumers just wanting to have nice-looking manicures. Now in 2013, sales are still climbing but with a twist- nail art. With major help from the entire nail art community; adding artful details with those alluring nail polish colors has been one of the trendiest things to do.

 With nail art in high demands- it is no better time for the, Master Class do-it-yourself kit to be introduce to the growing nail crave market. This three part kit developed from the collaboration of Forsythe Cosmetics’, Marlyuemoren Roq and Cunnt Claw’s cunnt artist, Shelley Burns to encourage nail lovers to become their own nail artist and master skills that would usually be accomplished by a professional.

To get a bigger and better understanding of what you can do with this must-have product, it is only right to test it first hands on! The three different parts to the Master Class kit are; Gemology, Metal Shop, and Geometry. All hand models are friends who offer their time to experience the, Master Class manicure from yours truly, Cunnt Claws! (Shout-out to all the participatory hand models that actually opened up to trying nail art for the first time!!)

Kit 1: Gemology


SONY DSCHand Model: Zulayka Adams


Kit 2: Metal Shop (Cunnt Claws’ Favorite)SONY DSC

SONY DSCHand Model: Sin Cere (MAN-icure)


SONY DSCHand Model: Julia Leung


Kit 3: GeometrySONY DSC

SONY DSCHand Model: Jennifer Rubinshteyn

SONY DSCHand Model: Lizzy Carmella


The entire experience made it easy to get hooked on , DIY manicures. It is also therapeutic to the soul. Our favorite is hands down, the Metal shop and experts Shelley Burns prefers the, Geometry kit. According to Shelley, “The base color is so, glamorous and the one brush stroke application is to DIE FOR!!” 

Distributed RetailersFred Segal, Bloomingdals, and Urban Outtfitters  OR  Shop now at : ColorClub.Com