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Artist Chat: Raqstar Nails

raqstarnails 12 Humorous, down-to-earth, and an honest sweetheart is just some of the traits to describing extraordinary, New York base nail artist- Raquel Nevarez (RaqstarNails). At first, I wasn’t sure if this interview would’ve been possible, because we all know what a single day agenda usually look like for a, New York artist….BUSY AF(Period!). But thanks to the nail gods, Cunnt Claws was able to catch up with, Ms.Raqstar on a personal note outside of her usual salon settings. Just to label a few, Raquel Neverez has been seen working her skills around the town at some astounding gigs; Diosa/D-Day, Thom Browne (Fall 2013 fashion show), The Beauty Brunch, and Vanity Projects nail shop. (POW!) Another artist that struck, Cunnt Claws attention and one more talented female artist that have earn her way to your, “MUST KNOW” list!!!

Where are you from?

Brooklyn, New York born and raised!

When did you start your journey of being a, nail artist?

I tell this story a lot, but I started my nail art journey about a year and a half ago. I was in school majoring in veterinary technology and my first year of Vet Nursing- I could NOT perform this one task (where I had to insert a tube-like needle, down a mouse throat to put water directly into its stomach). My hands weren’t steady enough. An upperclassman, suggested I go home and paint my nails over and over to steady my hands. I took her advice, but I got addicted to painting my nails! Around the same time my best friend introduced me to nail art tutorials on, Youtube. I was hooked! No more Vet tech for me!

raqstarnails 11

With all of your achievements from the last year, did you predict yourself being one of the nail art community rock ass nail technicians?

No way! I always felt that I was a decent nail artist. However, I didn’t think I was anywhere near as good as the many nail artists that inspired me to change careers and become a nail artist myself. To be working side by side with some of them is incredible!

Favorite nail polish(s)?

I love Diosa Polish, Essie, and China Glaze.

raqstarnails 14

Your pet peeves, in regard to working with customers?

Sorry to all my customers, but I HATE when you don’t keep still! I want my work to be as perfect as possible and I’m pretty sure my client wants the same thing. When they are constantly moving, it gets pretty difficult to do straight lines and intricate work. I also dislike when my clients don’t tell me exactly what they want. If you feel like you want thicker lines, tell me…if you want brighter colors, tell me. I’d prefer to spend more time making you happier, so by the end of the service we are BOTH happy!

Describe your artistic style?

My artistic style is both funky and bold- with an emphasis on pattern work and street style.

Any art/artist that inspires your artistic style?

I am hugely inspired by graffiti, art deco and fashion in general. Some of my favorite artists are Keith Haring, Buff Monster and Alexander McQueen.

raqstarnails keith harring

What are some of your favorite reality TV show(s)?

I actually gave up reality TV during the third season of, Jersey Shore. It just wasn’t doing anything for me anymore. I do like; Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Weeds and Orange is the New Black.

raqstarnails tv

Your zodiac sign?


What are some new lessons, that you have learned being an active nail artist, that you didn’t know prior?

I want people to know, that there are some really awesome people out there. I’ve always been kind of an introvert, but I love talking to my customers and hearing about their live experiences and sharing mine. It’s pretty cool.

Do you agree that nail art is just a FAD? Why?

Never! Nail art is here to stay. I love how women feel empowered just by having their nails laced. I love how your nail-art can express your personality without you having to speak. I mean, I’ve met so many people who are addicted to nail art. I doubt any of them are going to wake up one day and say, “Hey I’m going to walk around with plain nails forever more”. Nope, not happening!

raqstarnails 5

You are a very busy body! We know this, but how do you stay in- the- know with the latest news from the nail art world?

Instagram!! I follow so many, “IT” people in the nail world on IG. I feel like I can keep up with most of the, “new-new” without having to devote so much time to it.

raqstarnails 8

Tell us what we should look out for in the near future? Upcoming projects?

Well I’d like to do more editorial work. I got my first taste of it this year and I loved it! My coworker, Jane (@thatjanedesigns) and I are planning a nerdy bookworm nail art throw down, so stayed tuned for that. I also plan to do a lot more events, contests and nail art series.


Want to see more of Raquel’s world of claws? Click here, and follow her on instagram (@Raqstarnails) !


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