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Artist Chat: TipGang

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Fairly new to the market, nail artist- Fallon Nichole have surfaced and found her a new destiny. Known for being fierce by nature, Fallon is also known as the leader of the, “TipGang” movement. With a new venture into the nail art community, the significance of, Ms. TipGang is positively something to be proud of. Exceptionally, when there are more and more confident women each day, taking the independence of making an outlet for their selves in paths that are self fulfilling and self-imposed… (Lets agree…Cheers to that!) Get to know, Fallon a little more below:

Who is Fallon Nicholas?

I am the girl people don’t really know. I’ve been through a lot and I found my peace and talent in nail art.

Describe the, “TipGang” movement and everything that it represents:

TipGang, represents every person out there doing nails! From getting their nails done, to following nail art blogs to just supporting us at our events. I want Tipgang to be more than just nail art. It’s simply a “brand” that represents a whole lifestyle.


 What kind of music do you like? Who are you currently listening to?

I listen to 90s hip hop, R&B, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and ASAP Rocky…But I love my 80’s jams, lol

 Tell me about your background?

I am a NYC based, Puerto Rican that lives in Harlem.

 First time considering nail art? When did you experience your first nail art manicure?

It’s funny because I used to get regular manicures. One Color!!!! Every week. Then one time I saw a, PrettyNailSwag mani and my friend tried to replicate it. I was hype!!! Lol

tipgang brendon

 Being a diverse nail artist, describe your artistic style, and what free-style nail design do you like to re-create the most?

I love freehand. Getting into detail. I like to come up with an idea as opposed to recreating someone else’s work for my clients.  As far as free-styles, I like street style the most. Basically, any art that is inspired by urban fashion or music. It’s all dope to me!

 Recap us with some events that, TipGang was a part of?

I have worked at; Adidas pop-up shop, Gap, Green Pointers events, 4/20 pop-up shop nail event in, New York. In the near future- I would like to do photo shoot & videos….I am obsessed with Jordan’s and Nike!! If they were interested, I would be open to any of their nail art ventures. I really love to wear sneakers.

tipgang work4: kobe sneakers

 Coming from NYC, who would you eventually want to work with in the nail industry ?

WAH nails! I love their creativity and concepts. In regards to paint brushes, Britney Tokyo! So many girls, and I am a fan of them ALL.

 What blogs are you following?

To name a few…Nyphmo nails, Nail Swag, Jessica Washick, Astro Wifey.

 Who are you following on Instagram? Favorite nail artist(s) ?

RiaNailz, Racqstar nails, Thisisvenice , Astro Wifey, Britney Tokyo, Ciao Manhattan, Pretty Project… Uugh just sooo many! I don’t have a favorite I just love them all.

 Bonus: How do you feel about sexual equality?

It’s no one business! What ever you choose to do be behind close doors, it’s you.


For more on, TipGang follow the movement on IG: @TipGang 



Artist Chat, Artist of the week, Cunnt Claws, nail art, Nail Artist, NYC, Social

Artist Chat: Shelley Burns

shell Breezy Blog

Heavy on the nail art scene, Shelley Burns has become one of the go-to nail technicians to get your claws laced with cool nail art designs. To list a few, Shelley Burns have worked her talent at events such as; Adidas pop-up shop for Teyana Taylor’s sneaker release / Nexus Cook’s “25thandJune Nail Elixir” launch / Cocktails and Couture Trunk show / Coated Nail Art & Jewelry Exhibition. In addition, Shelley worked with singer & sound writer, Melky Jean for one of her miscellaneous project.

I first met, Shelley at the, “420 Pop-Up shop” nail art event at, Christina Rinaldi‘s studio in Brooklyn. I was so captivated by her vivid burst of upbeat energy that rubbed on me immediately! Within minutes , I instantly felt a cool cozy feeling that made it easy to engage in conversation about her work, and just everyday nail-art chat that us nail-addicts tend to have when you put us in a room full of talent and nail polish (O-Yeah!!).

My curious self was not going to let you guys hang without a one-on-one interview from the sassy lady herself!

Who is Shell Beezy? Where are you from orginally? 

Wow, I am so many things- but overall I’m a caregiver.  I like to think that explains me in full.  I’m originally from the Bronx & Westchester, New York. However, I’ve lived in Harlem (New York) for the past 13 yrs.

When did you start doing nails? What was the drive?  

I can date my love for my nails and nail art back to the 90s when I was in, High school.  I always had the longest nails!  My love of cats really made my long nail fetish stick out.  After high school and college, I started a family and it got lost in my everyday shuffle.  I had clear nails for almost 10 years, UGH!!  In, 2010 it came flooding back with the nail decals.  I was enamored with the ease, the beauty and how sitting down to do my nails made me feel. Maybe it’s the Acetone, but I felt so relaxed and calm. Not to mention when I was done, I could look down and relive that calm over and over. Oh yea, it was dope to look it.  I ramble, sorry.

You do a lot of nails! But if you had to pick 2 people in the entire universe to do their nails, who would it be? Why? 

Ok, I’ve thought about this and I have to pick 4 people (2 living & 2 that are no longer with us):

1. Julie Newmar (Living – she’s the original “Cat Woman”)

2. Rosalind Russell (Deceased – she was in “Gypsy” & “Auntie Mame”)

3. Love B. Scott (Living – fiercely with no equivocations)

4. Aaliyah (You know – I know that if I had the chance to paint her nails, we would’ve been great friends)

Spill the beans!! Worst nail experience?

Trying to pull a coffee table over, I lost my grip and the rest is too hard to explain, let alone talk about.  Long story short, 4 nails on one hand were broken so far down, I had to go to the hospital for painkillers and wound clean up.  It was a horrible experience.

Favorite nail polish?

UGH…do I have to choose?!?  That’s not fair

As a contributor to the nail art community, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Meeting many more new people, traveling outside of NY, making the Guinness book of world record and I’d like to collaborate with a Charity or start my own female empowerment movement!

What lifetime experience did you learn during your time in the nail art business, that you could share with the Cunnt Claws viewers?

Its not just nail-art per say, it’s an experience to get your nails done.  For some it’s an affirming therapy session. It is a time for you to stop and love a small part of yourself.  To be on one side of that is a lifetime experience, Every Time!

What is your biggest accomplishment(s) overall?

MY family.

My daughter.

The Man I picked to share my life with and the foundation I am helping to lay for our future.

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