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Artist HIGHlight: Attitude Nails

Repping it hard for all the cunnt UK, nail addicts -our girl, Nikki P (Attitude Nails) have nailed it again!!!!!!!!! Pushing and uncovering the creative boundaries of talented nail artist that we have high admirations for, Artist HIGHlight is a new segment added to the, Cunnt Claws graphical entertainment!

As you know, we currently live in the wonderful years of the 21 century! For most, it is consider the era of the endless technology. So to correlate some fun with our current time, Cunnt Claws is proud to present you with an EXCULSIVE set of “Emoji” nail art, which was inspired by one of the technology industry’s most profitable item… Iphone!


The cool never ends for nail art… and neither will your DROOL’n !!

Make sure to keep the movement going by following, @AttitudeNails nail art: here


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