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Cunnt Claws Nail’d : Venice, PIMP MY NAILS

decals14Finally unfolding the extraordinary adventure from a few weeks back (Spring Break) of Cunnt Claws in the scenic, Los Angeles! Yes, enchanting memories it still remains as the preparation for the Dope Digits and Cunnt Claws introductory collaborative nail decals products were in full effect and I got the chance to get PIMP’d by darling Lili Nguyen of Venice PIMP MY NAILS!!

Doing nails for just over 3 years, Lili Nguyen is currently based in Paris, but she spends a good deal of her time traveling back and fourth to LA, which she calls her second home from home. This experience was extremely chill as I got a mental break from having to think of nail design ideas to present to Lili (FYI: It is always good to come with already thought-out ideas prepared for your nail artist. Then with your ideas the artist can add their unique signature to create a magical look!). Not very often, but life was just a sweet treat that day as Lili took no time to apply the already design water decals to my nails! Lili is a distinctively awesome artist and one of her traits are adding excessive embellishments to hand-drawn nail designs. To see it play out in person, I was pleased as she coordinated nice-looking studded charms to completely the look with a BANG (1,2,3,done!):



decals18My nail look of the new Cunnt Claws x Dope Digits decal! Pimp’n aint easy baby girl!!!


decals19Lili was not lying when she said she’s a “LA girl at heart“!! This is her funky fresh, thigh-high tattoo of a “peace sign” hand sporting the signature palm trees (ombre design), which you can find everywhere around the LA streets.

decals13CALI: Lili’s nail-art that day!

decals10Such a sweetie pie! Lili Nguyen & I.

 If you happen to be in the romantic city of Paris and is willing to explore, take a venture out to the Venice PIMP MY NAILS nail shop. The swanky shop is described to have a blend of, “LA & Paris” and customers get to shop for nail goodies while grasping the feel of Lili’s personality which is both, gansta and girly! You be the judge!

More Venice PIMP MY NAILS [here]

Shop Cunnt Claws x Dope Digits Decals [here]

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