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A Botanical Dose of Femininity

blog2Sensing the power of something; modern, chic and fresh this season! Blossoming universally from manufactured phone cases, fashion runways, street style, and now the entire community of nail artist working their magic on the nail art scene- the floral print epidemic is the trending topic!

Woah! Can you feel the power yet? Floral print, which is referred to as tropical prints, was the broiling prediction for Spring/Summer 2014 and now it is the dominating “it” print presented in so many preferences to choose from. Classic example of femininity while embracing your inner-girlie side, the endless list of; Sunflowers, Roses, Tulips, Hydrangeas, and the classic Palm Tree are just a few of the flower types used as inspiration to the growing trend that don’t seem to be dying anytime soon! GET INTO IT:

base coat top coat

ghetto nailz









Are you loving, Cunnt Claws’ own arboretum of hands? The floral print trend is really NOT one of those FADS that will just be around for the Spring/ Summer 2014. These botanical print are classics and have been around since the, Italian Renaissance in the 16th century and most likely will continue to be re-crated over and over again in the years to come (Lets keep it fun and intricate though!).


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