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Cunnt Claws x Friends nail’d: Tracy Kawaii

Queens, New York is where you could find me sometimes, having funny chats with my girl- Tracy Allison aka Tracy Kawaii. Never a dull moment for us, and this time I bought my childhood friend, zulayka Adamson along so, she can get birthday nail art! Plus, to let her witness why her cell phone needs to be on stand-by due to the intense detail session. Her “phone-addiction” ways had a serious challenge…No texting-sit still! (My phone conversation going to nail appointments: Girl, let me live for a couple hours while I get my nails did, brb!


Not hard to misstep, but I typically has the over-the-top madness happening on my claws ALWAYS. However, my friend Zulayka is what you call the “Conservative Babe” . Due to her occupation status and her personal style combined, Zulyaka prefers to keep her baby claws at a minimal. That consists of short nail length, soft pastel colors, and really minimal nail design detailing. However, don’t confuse minimalistic with boring, this gal baby claws are continually cute and dainty when it comes to her choice of overall nail design. Do you fall in the realm of “conservative babe”, then take a look at what Tracy give my friend at the personal on-on-one nail session. Maybe you can identify:

tracy2What you see [Above]: To counteroffer for NOT wanting overly festive designs (as I requested), Zulayka choose a bright colored gel manicure, with just a touch of gems on her inner corner nail beds. No crazy designs but the bright color was just enough to make a statement! Satisfied customer and contented nail-art blogger (Everyone happy!,lol)

Other highlights that day:

Tracy gave me only a polish change and place the new (Yoko Ono x Linda Lovelace x Kelly Bundy) Cunnt Claws & Dope Digits water decal collaboration on my claws! Get yours [HERE]:Tracy5

tracy 23

tracy4The love grows inevitably! (Tracy & I)

For all the New York gals that want to book Tracy Kawaii, click [HERE]


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