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WAH Nails: Launching DIY Nail Care

wah3 nail art pens for freehand drawingImage source: Beauty Spotter

With so much going on, I could not resist sharing WAH Nails project launch for their, Autumn/Winter 2014 collection nail care line! Created by founder, Sharmaden Reid– the line was established from lifelong inspirations that includes a little bit of; art, street style, technology and fashion! As Sharmaden stated,“I wanted to create a full line that mixes beauty, art and technology together while retaining my roots. I’ve been meticulous about everything from the polish names to the nail pen design to keep it true to our culture. The WAH Girl is comfortable being both uptown and downtown and the WAH London nail polishes reflect this in premium products with a hip-hop, punky, art school twist.” For those of us uptown and downtown gals around the globe who love the WAH Nails brand and is not based in London to get a WAH manicure, you can now have the WAH Nails treatment right at home!


With over 30 polishes with fun influential names like: No Nail No Life and Cougar/Jaguar to choose from, the complete package contained multifaceted polish hues that are visually stimulating to whatever mood is calling to your hands alongside,  2 nail edit trend kits, 6 press on nail designs, visually attractive freehand drawing pens, and more. I find this a crafty for newbies wanting to experiment practice of doing nail-art for their friends, family, and themselves or pros just wanting add more fun options to their collection. Completely a fan of DIY remedies and this is hands down an incredibly remarkable pro-active gift for nail lovers.  Alluring recognition to, Sharmaden for creating a self-indulging entertainment for nail-art fanatics of the 21-century.


Focusing more on starters,  the nail pen is really a superb idea! Here is a WAH video of JUST ONE useful element nail pens can be for doing clean skillful art! Especially for those who are FREEHAND talented:

The launching for these are right around the corner in September, so make sure to stay tune for the WAH Nail care kit!


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