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D-DAY: Diosa Nail Polish

diosa3 : header

With everything soaring here in, The Big Apple my mind was fully set of anticipation for another LIVE episode of D-DAY for Diosa nail polish launch!! To give you some general background, D-DAY simply mean “Diosa-Day” and it has become a yearly nail event preserved by nail polish creator, Diana Long who is recognizable here at Cunnt Claws.

 The events are always held at cool venues! This season the onsite location was conducted at, Dime Beauty Bar in Brooklyn which bought out artist; Raqual [Raqstarnails], Desreen [NailsbyDesreen] , Mimi [Stilettobott] and Kelly [I Nailed It].  According to Diana, “ It all starts with a simple ‘let me see your nails!’ and it turns into a full conversation” … With fresh new polish colors added to the collection, D-DAY occasion is a time and place that bonds our favorite nail artist and manicurist to everyday hard working women that look forward to a day of manicures, nail art, good conversation, gift bags and needless to say unlimited booze!….In other words: Paint, paint, chat, laugh, buy, sip and snap shot!:

diosa39Lady Entrepreneurs [L-R]: Owner of Diosa Polish: Diana Long / Owner of Dime Beauty Bar : Patrise Blake

diosa GIF[Above] Diosa NEW COLORS!

diosa46Nail’d by : Mimi [Stilettobott]

diosa42[Above] Nail artist: Raquel “Raqstar Nails” & Mimi “Stilettobott” all smiles alongside store owner, Patrice. [Below] Raquel and her client giving me a one snap shot SHOT!:


diosa33[Above] Birthday Cake Wine: This is by far one of m new favorite sip-sip! Omg! The taste on each sip, is so true to the flavor : Cake Batter. There were another flavor available to try, but this flavor [in my opinion] was lit!


diosa35[Above & Below] All the lady with style and grace!!!: I love Kelly for bringing the festivities with her very interesting hand henna! Bringing the gold look to life sporting D-DAY’s masquerade mask and nails necklace from my homie, Attitude nails.



diosa4[Above & Below]: New face and product to the, Cunnt Claws movement! Yay! Nail wraps are on the rise and it’s becoming eye opening to see the many ways you can now put art on your nails! With just an image upload of your favorite print, Appliq nail wraps are so easy to retrieve. Shout out to creator, Kelsey Meuse !:



diosa51Nail’d by: Raqstar Nails

Diosa28[Above & Below] Another artist who I enjoy seeing, Mimi!!!! Ms.Stilettobott was giving us the all time ‘ohhhhhh-lala’ with her short nail, REPTILE GEL DESIGN! Look closely at the details:


diosa45[Above] New to D-DAY- nail artist, Desreen networking and nailing it at the same time! Best way to start her journey. [Below] Desreen nail menu for the day. I have to shout out the first nail on[neon w/ the black disproportion dots]  the menu, that was m absolute favorite!:diosa63


diosa43I got a chance to use the polishes from the collection to paint nails as I sip on some, Birthday Cake! Down time…down time..and nailing it!

diosa40Do it for the nail gods…now put your HANDS UP!

Diosa20Nail’d by:  Stilettobott

Diosa11Mimi favors , Appliq!

Diosa 15Nail’s by: I Nailed It [ Diana’s mom got herself a fun, Pink Floyd theme]

Diosa12D-DAY HIGHLIGHTS: There are a lot of images that shows the motions of the, Diosa[D-DAY] event. However, below are the HIGHLIGHT(s) of the day:  Diana Long glowing from the bundle of joy arriving, the new colors from the Diosa nail polish like, Birthday Cake Wine and Appliq nails wrap!:

diosa GIF



From the feel of things, Diana Long has a lot to be joyful for this season!! I want to congratulating, Diana again on her first bundle of joy and to the new fabulous colors of polishes added to the, Diosa collection- business is still pushing forward with new things happening and amazing people being discovered during the journey!


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