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NAIL that ART! : Maria Lassnig

maria GIFS7

 Austrian artist, Maria Lassnig art speaks in volumes as her self-portraits take on the emotions of someone going through mental phases based on external body image.

Her work is something you don’t just look at, but LOOK INTO! You can feel her emotions through the art and by this you can get a reflective feel of how Maria felt, while illustrating her distorted emotions hidden deep in her subconscious…a place where only she can see. Maria Lassnig’s art has been apart of my photographic archives while growing up and it was something that I would feel dismay to share with anyone else. It was and still is one of my many visual escape that never fail to trickle my mind in terms of self-honesty.

Respectfully influential and a significant figure in the contemporary art world, Maria died this year at age 94. She uses oil painting to express what she consider “Body Awareness” art. Known for visually documenting her internal tangible feelings, Maria artfully documents how she sees her self-image from the INSIDE OUT as oppose to the way other women may view her externally on the outside…. which visibly are two completely different view. This mind state perspective is what exceedingly captivates me to her work skills and I am so trilled to finally include Maria Lassnig work of art with the Cunnt Claws culture! Now exhibiting in , New York- MoMa PS1 Museum – talented artists from around the globe joined in to also explore those, raw multiple feelings Maria had on today’s segment of, NAIL that ART:

maria 14 : You or Memaria 14[Above] You or Me?

maria 8: coexisting lines & contoursmaria 8 : desreen[Above] Coexisting lines and Contour


maria 9 : new selfMaria 9 : kellymaria 9: kelly 3[Above] New Self : Acrylic Power / Nail Polish(s): Wet n Wild, Cover Girl, Revon , Sinful Colors, Essie , L’Oreal , Sally Hansen , O.P.I. 


maria 5 : coexisting linesmaria 5 :blu[Above] Contour lines : Colored acrylic 3d / Polishes: Butter London, Sally Hansen, The Color Institute



maria 2 Kitchen Bridemaria 2: fariha copymaria 2: fariha[Above] Kitchen Bride : 3d elements made from acrylic


maria 1maria 1: marcela 2[Above] Color Blocking

maria 6 : woman Laokoonmaria 6: Nail Pop LLC[Above] Women Laokoon: Nail Polishes : Morgan Taylor and Floss Gloss

maria 26 : illusions of missed motherhoodmaria 26: avia[Above] Missed Motherhood: Nail Polishes: Diosa ,Essie, Julep

ADDITIONAL INFOMATION: Maria’s work has displayed around the globe for now over 64 years and counting. Below are image sets from  Maria Lassnig artwork collection:

maria GIFS

maria GIFS2

Maria GIFS4

Overall, each nail artist creativity was pushed to capacity in terms of how well they could replicate the images. Viewing Maria’s art and the complimentary nail art alongside, did it also take you through a cycle of mental temperaments? Joining in by commenting!

Want to thank each artist who worked hard to make this episode of, NAIL that ART a banger! Special Thanks to: Kelly Ornstein [Base Coat Top Coat] ***Desreen Jarvis [NailsbyDesreen] *** Blu [Talk To The Hand Nails] *** Erin Hart [Nail Pop LLC] *** Avia Paul [ The Nailista Project] *** Abi Cullis [Queen of the Nail] *** Fariha Ali [Nail Job] And Marciela Garcia


5 thoughts on “NAIL that ART! : Maria Lassnig

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh woow! great work! I always stop by and wonder what goes on like a addict. good for reference now i need a manicure

  2. Kelly/ @wellofink says:

    Amazing collection, each one is so strong on their own, together… Just wow. I want in on the next collab, if not, no worries, I’ll just be here spying/drooling hard. Nail art & fine art is my fave combo ❤️
    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amazing collaboration!!!! Every1 is different and well perfected I can’t stop admiring them. U prolly hear this a lot but your amazing af! Keep up the good work

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