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NAIL that ART! : Killer Heels

promo6[Your heels are pretty dope! Holy Shit!] High heels have been worn by both sexes throughout history. Men were the first to wear high heels starting early as the ninth century. Still a hot commodity up until the 1970’s: singer/songwriter, Prince worn heels both on and off stage and he became a style icon killing it and representing for the men walking tall! Curated by Lisa Small, the Killer Heels exhibition located in the Brooklyn Museum, embraced historic and contemporary significance of both gender and class going against the different stereotypes of wearing high heels from the 1600’s through the present day.

Heels: accentuate legs, enhances confidence, add heights and it definately draws attention! Bringing awareness to body gesture: there is meaningful power in the way one move and how one move around as a result of a specific type of shoes being worn. The overall representation of the shoes is equally important as it shares the mood or personality of the wearer. Ever consider the factors as to why people talk, act and walk a certain way? Well today you will learn, the influences of high heels with the complimentary nail-art eye candy for you shoe lovers tuning in! Oh yeah, shoe lovers! Outspoken heels to amaze your obsessive shoe fetish in a place fill of artworks for your taste. Pacing hard and fast on our 3rd season of NAIL that ART! :  are you down for some KILLER HEELS? [All exhibit photograph by Cunnt Claws] :

bk museum :chanel 1-1bk museum :chanel 2-3

bk msueum: casucao e scalera per loris azzaro 2bk museum: casucao e scalera per loris azzaro 5[Above] Revival and Reinterpretation: Reinventing the past so it’s still significant to today’s current culture! The revival and reinterpretation section will be interesting to individual who use past inspiration of any sort to create art. This these type of heels are linked to luxury. In the 16 century, men wore platform and elevated shoes while attending social events to display their wealth and status. Leading all the way up to the 1970’s, men were still caught in social spots like, Studio 54 getting down in their high level platforms!  Material like silks and woods are use to recreate each shoe.celine1

bk musuem: masaya kushino 2bk musuem: masaya kushino 4

bk museum: isabel canovas 2bk museum: isabel canovas 4

bk museum : georgina goodman 2bk museum : georgina goodman2

[Above] Metamorphosis: The boss…the high-class tramp…the showstopper… or the androgynous two timer are all of the many personalities the wearer can transform into in the metamorphosis section! Foot becomes more proportionate to the rest of the entire body, while stimulating the legs to appear erotic. According to Brooklyn Museum, “The heels embellished with feathers, fur, or animal skin conjure mythological hybrids, hunting trophies, or garments worn by prehistoric and contemporary people to perform transformational spiritual rituals…dreamlike or unexpected surrealism ” – woah!!! Spiritual rituals? Yes! Your shoes can whip up some serious charms…the transformation is real!FENDI

bk museum: aperlai2bk museum: aperlai3

bk museum:shoise 2bk museum:shoise 4

[Above] Architecture: The concept behind the architectural section lies within the exterior design and how it makes the wearer feel internally with concern of wearability and protection. Usually very comfortable for the person wearing the shoe and awkward to somebody admiring the person wearing the heels. Are those heels practical for walking purposes? Are a few obvious questions that you’ll find yourself thinking out loud. Fashioned with materials like woods and plexiglas: architecture style heels beautifully accents the graphics of contours and urban skyline settings. 

bk museum: bray bros 4bk museum: bray bros 4

bk museum: susan bennis:warren edwards2bk museum: susan bennis:warren edwards3

Bk museum :united nude[lady gaga]2Bk museum :united nude[lady gaga]4

[AboveGlamour and Fetish: The shoes in this section are all about control and authority! Casting enchanted spells, the wearer deceives its victim with the power of seduction! Correlated to taboo, these heels create a desire for use of sexual excitement. Heels are extremely, extremely pointy and high in length, making you walk a certain kind of way…NAUGHTY. Universally known sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe wore glamours thin heels stiletto while enticing men and women all over the world. In terms of outer design, spikes and buttons are the types of trimming placed on the heels. Rebellious in many ways, glamour and fetish  goes against the norms of what the generic code of wearing footwear expresses. Some may find that these types of heels are only worthy wearing for a short time.

bk museum :chanel 2-2bk museum :chanel 2-4

bk museum: damien hirst3bk museum: damien hirst3

bk museum:nicholas kirkwood 4bk museum:nicholas kirkwood 4

[Above] Space Walk : Modern and contemporary designs gearing towards the future. The people who appreciate the art of aliens, robots and cyborgs: this one is for you! 3-d molding, metallic, reflective exteriors, and aerodynamic lines are use to curate a futuristic heel design in retrospect to technology and heavy metal machineries. Also, unusual components like plastics and carbon fibers are also other materials that are responsible for the external shapes in which the shoes are molded.

The Killer Heels exhibition shares interconnecting lifestyle between the nail-art and fashion industry and the fanatics who purchase high heel some on a daily basis. The motion of how the designers wanted the wearer to feel when wearing these heels are the exact same motions the nail artist on this project felt as they too went through the stages while curating precise detailing to the nail canvas. The Killer Heel [the art of the high-heeled shoes] exhibition is open up until Feburary 15! Make sure to swing by to get an up-close-in-personal view of all the matching nail-art being displayed alongside the other heels that didn’t make it to this segment!

Outstanding thanks to the team!: Jami Procopio [@Nailbang] , Mickey G [@_Candy_Paint_] , Braelin [@Rave_Nailz], Mia Rubie [@SuperflyNails] , Sarah Nguyen [@ChrmdbySarah] , Melanie Reyes [@PrettyNailSwag] , Clara Hwang [@ClarahNails] , Ben Reingold [@NailsFromTheCrypt] , Trizia Vargas [@FancyFingerz3dnailart]

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