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Artist Chat: H&H Body Adornment


Around since the beginning of humanity, adorning the body has been a profound way to symbolize beauty, status, symbols and membership of one’s own uniqueness. Still significant in today’s culture, multi-disciplinary artist, Holly Silius and make-up artist, Hannah Warner both teamed up in 2012 to give the creative industry one of the utmost influential jewllery brand called: H&H Body Adornments. If the name don’t sound familiar, then at some point in time, H&H body adornment statement nail pieces have captured your eyes while being featured in known editorial such as: Hapers Bazzaar US, Elle Uk and Vogue Japan which are the crème de la crème for us trendy folks staying in tune with the glamour and creative artist around the world [Get into it…and get into it NOW!]

With both Hannah’s and Holly’s transferable skills, they were able to use their talents in such extraordinary way that many are able to appreciate. From conceptualizing nail pieces of ‘roses’ in rose gold to sculpting out an ‘italian grasshopper’ statements pieces. H&H body adornments are not only eye-catching to beauty and style shoppers but the East London based brand is well-liked amongst some of our favorite a-list personalities artists such as Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce- who literally all had their finger nails wrapped around the fiercely stylish nail adornment. With a business like this, where everyone can get a shot of hand-fabulosity, Cunnt Claws is honored to have the ladies give us some insiders: [Photo L-R: Holly & Hannah]

How did the idea of collaborating on projects come into prospective for Holly-Hannah?

We started with metal adornments to the skin. Then went from, eyelashes and then into nails. We just weren’t aware of how huge the nail industry was and what we were delving into. It is so cool experimenting!

Share the differences and similarity in taste and how working as a team contribute to the way designs are created?

We both have many similar tastes but our differences influence the designs in a positive way. [Holly]: I will design something that I know, Hannah will like and vice versa. We really bounce off each other and each collection gets stronger and more mature. We both like dark and androgynous. I like two-tone gems and Hannah like textures, so combining these is super fun.

What roles does each of you obtain to keep the business moving forward?

We both take on creative and business roles. If we are honest though, we would rather just create but as a new business and being very small we have to take on both responsibilities. We both fill in each other’s gaps.

To focus on some cool aspect from some of the pieces being made: What were some of the inspirations behind the ‘Full Finger V” ring?

Modern architecture.

Touching base more with creative vision, share the concepts behind the entire ‘Full Finger’ collections

We decided to broaden our audience. For different reasons, some women cannot commit to wearing nails all the time, so the nail-rings are easier and more adaptable to wear for everyday or just only on the weekend. We want to appeal to a wider audience.

 Dissecting the roles on your internal business operations:

We both take on creative and business roles. If we are honest though, we would rather just create but as a new business and being very small we have to take on both responsibilities. We both fill in each other’s gaps.

Describe what body adornments means to you?

Personality! It gives us our statement and it express who we are!

Name the top best sellers:

The ‘Knocker cuti ring’ , ‘Shhh cuti ring’ and ‘Geometric finger ring’.

In 2012, you ladies collaborated with international chain store, Harvey Nichols. With the brand fairly new to the market, did you anticipate opportunities like this would come so early for Hand Nails career?

We simply didn’t know what to expect! It is just a kind of ‘rolled and somersaulted’ into the big stores like, Harvey Nichols and Colette!

Give a cool inside description of your core supporters:

Cool fashion girls who are into art, music and being proud of their statement nails!

 Share one good advice someone shared on the journey of your start-up business? How did it eventually work in your experiences?

Advice from parents and from more recently working in the fashion industry with other like minded fashion insiders such as: Agents, Bookers, PR friends and Photographers: Just do what you want! Keep doing it! Coz it’s obviously working!

What new projects should we look out for?

We have got exciting things to come from a super luxury range with diamonds and rubies, to our super cool more affordable diffusion range. All of our fans can either save up and treat themselves to something special or get something from us, which they can afford for just a night out.


Holly and Hannah are women of business, who’s talents are diversity amongst the creative industry.  The goal of this interview is to share helpful insider’s experience from working entrepreneurs, to inspire aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs pursing the business market. For more updates on Holly Silius and Hannah Warner projects, visit: / 



7 thoughts on “Artist Chat: H&H Body Adornment

  1. Anonymous says:

    They hVe got some pretty wicked nail stuff on their site! It’s cool cuz you can wear it as one along with other polish. Inspired

  2. Anonymous says:

    The actual nail on a finger is awesome. just wondering how they would be durable for long wear

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