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Heterogenous: Under the sea w/ Nailsulptress!

nailsculptress2 Thank the nail gods for “nail gurus”!!!  Courtney Lyman of @Nailscupltress has bless Cunnt Claws new nail art concept sketchbook, Hetrogeneous with more nail art inspirations! Currently living in the North Carolina [ US] , anyone who follows @Nailscupltress gets to see new and consistent conceptual nail art that makes us all wonder the creative steps to her eye-catching designs!

[Below] A visual of both the finish nail art and the detail sketches prior. Nailscupltress organizes her ideas, breaking down which materials are needed to execute the vision.

Nail Art Concept: “Under the sea” using 3 dimensional pearls, shells and caviar gems.

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nail sculpturess 3

nail sculpture yoko1

Women of Popular Culture [Decals] : The very talented Nail Sculptress is sporting the [ Cunnt Claws x Dope Digits ] Yoko Ono and John Lennon water decals!!! The “glam rock” theme were a perfect suit for the very stylish influential peace activist couple!

Check out the artist [Here]

Shop “The Women Of Poular Culture”  YOKO ONO [Here]