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Heterogenous: Under the sea w/ Nailsulptress!

nailsculptress2 Thank the nail gods for “nail gurus”!!!  Courtney Lyman of @Nailscupltress has bless Cunnt Claws new nail art concept sketchbook, Hetrogeneous with more nail art inspirations! Currently living in the North Carolina [ US] , anyone who follows @Nailscupltress gets to see new and consistent conceptual nail art that makes us all wonder the creative steps to her eye-catching designs!

[Below] A visual of both the finish nail art and the detail sketches prior. Nailscupltress organizes her ideas, breaking down which materials are needed to execute the vision.

Nail Art Concept: “Under the sea” using 3 dimensional pearls, shells and caviar gems.

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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Kawaii Treatment

new nails 2

Kawaii style nail art on the backdrop of a painting that happens to be one of my favorite 1960’s musical band- The Beatles!! Can you say, ”disunited connection” between the two artful imagery? Lol… Have to give it to my “Kawaii Nail God”, Tracy Lok (Tracy Kawaii) for giving me the intricate bling’d out manicure of my life!

new nails 3

To speak more on the procedural steps, Tracy added a marble-like base coat using gel polish. Afterwards, she then applied eccentrically the embellishments that mixed in ranges of; studs, pearls, designer logos and a beautiful bow, which was not properly justified from the images shown. The main outlooks were a gunmetal color and gold appearance, which quickly turn out to be a dazzling hand party! (I wasn’t ready!!!)

new nails4

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Cunnt Claws: Mix’d Patterns

Hi guys!!!! It’s the holidays, and I really should be having fun with all the fabulous nail art motifs . However, as always- I choose the unorthodox way, and went totally left with my designs! :meee

My inspirations/ What you see:

 Negative Spacing:  Tried it for the first time when nail artist, Tracy Kawii did my nails and was hooked ever since. Also, negative spacing is a really good look for someone who cannot have intense nail art prints on their nails. The spaces that are negative can be molded into any shape, size and can be very subtle nonetheless depending on the choice of nail polish.

 Typography: Huge fan of penmanship, and I am forever tagging something up.

 Caviar Studs:  These are great for a 3-d effect, and I love the way they feel when I am in deep thoughts.

 Female gender symbol:  Feministic state of mind.mee

( Artist: Dhouhe / Place: Ding Ya Nail Spa [NYC] )

If you have any inquires, please feel free to email: CunntClaws@Gmail.com