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Essentially, having healthy nails is key.

Healthful natural nails moderately covered in, colored (3-d) beads.

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DIY Trilla: Katy Perry Inspired

Hey guys! Omg, there’s a cunnt video that just dropped, and I am pretty sure you guys saw it! How are we loving the new, Katy Perry music video Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J?!! Uh-huh honey ^~^

 Before anything, whether you like the words of the song or not, lets keep it trill: the beat alone was good enough for me, which is what drew my attention to the song. Then, I was all “Team K.Perry!” to finally see the visuals where, Katy Channel’s her inner “Memphis- Egyptian Goddess” persona that was demonstrated in a really cool modern way. For the most part, I really enjoyed how the concepts where from our past history, yet in between scenes the director added portrayals of current lifestyles’ being represented from different social groups- one being the different nail art manicures Katy wore. (Decode the social groups: Go look at the official video below!!)

 In retrospect to my new , Katy Perry “Dark Horse” attraction, below is a video of how you can trick your claws out, if you intent on turning your inspiration physical, lol!! (Shout out to, HelloMaphie for this!) :

Katy Perry Offical Video: “Dark horse”: