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Cunnt Claws: Mix’d Patterns

Hi guys!!!! It’s the holidays, and I really should be having fun with all the fabulous nail art motifs . However, as always- I choose the unorthodox way, and went totally left with my designs! :meee

My inspirations/ What you see:

 Negative Spacing:  Tried it for the first time when nail artist, Tracy Kawii did my nails and was hooked ever since. Also, negative spacing is a really good look for someone who cannot have intense nail art prints on their nails. The spaces that are negative can be molded into any shape, size and can be very subtle nonetheless depending on the choice of nail polish.

 Typography: Huge fan of penmanship, and I am forever tagging something up.

 Caviar Studs:  These are great for a 3-d effect, and I love the way they feel when I am in deep thoughts.

 Female gender symbol:  Feministic state of mind.mee

( Artist: Dhouhe / Place: Ding Ya Nail Spa [NYC] )

If you have any inquires, please feel free to email: CunntClaws@Gmail.com