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Artist HIGHlight: Swag nails w/ Marlene Rockets

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Art, Artist Highlight, Australia, Cunnt Claws, Exclusive, Marlene Rockets, nail art, Nail Art Blogger, Nail Artist, Nail Polish, New Years

Artist HIGHlight


Lights-Out! Can you agree that 2013 came and went by way to fast? Gesh! Felt like just the other day we were all celebrating to a new year. But it is all so good, because this year has been such a scenic blessing! With this year coming to an end, we’ve taken a cool new discovery and liking to an Australian artist- Letitia of Marlene Rockets for a distinctive jump to our, exculsive Artist HIGHlight segment this season.

Artist HIGHlight is truly our appreciation to being fearless with nail art- Just like you, I get shock to see all the unusual types of things our “HIGHlight” artist can do while creating phenomenal imagery on nails. Pushing the envelope, Marlene Rockets took the daring control of creating the ultimate, “New Years Eve” sculpted acrylic claws for us, in retrospect to a fresh new start!: