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Artist Chat: Kelly Blackwell

SONY DSCA strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts” Nancy Rathburn Continue reading

Art, Blog, Cunnt Claws, Female Artist, Feminism, Kelly Blackwell, Manicure, nail art, Nail Art Blogger, Nail Art Classes, Nail Artist, NYC, Pink Shisha

Pink Shisha: Nail-Art Lecture


 One is never to old to learn new trick! Self-improvement is a never-ending activity and learning something new turn out to be an inevitable event at, Pink Shisha’s nail shop for aspiring nail artist trying to make their way in the nail-art market. According to student, Tiffany Albertorio I am currently a nail technician, but I want to perfect doing actual art on nails”- altering the role from nail artist to leading instructor, Kelly Blackwell conducts a private nail-art session which is dedicated to “new learners” on their pursuit to enhancing better skills on how to execute different types of nail-art on nails ( Don’t be fool, this type of skill is nothing easy…Artists’ just make it look so…)

 All hail to the, Pink Shisha team for taking the initiative to move forward with desire classes due to the demands for nail-art.  One can reap significant benefits from a one-on-one nail art session and to help clarify on why, Kelly States,“Nail-art is the new craze and while we have, YouTube and other internet access, its always better to learn in person. This is a good way to get hands-on experience as oppose to looking at it on a computer screen, where you can easily miss out on something and might have tons of questions with no immediate answer”. Ready to unveil something new, I was camera ready to capture the moment and of course learn some new tricks from a pro!!!:
Supplies…Supplies…You kno’ the fundementals

SONY DSCInstructor: Kelly Blackwell   /  Students (R-L) : Abbie Brown & Tiffany Albertorio



SONY DSCTechnology plays a big part in the process of making nail-art. The use of mobile devices are essential when pulling up the inspiration.









SONY DSCAll of the “Focus’d Styles” in a row. The girls did good for starters!!

SONY DSC(L-R ):  Tiffany Albertorio / Milly Lopez / Kelly Blackwell / Cunnt Claws / Abbie Brown

Hey you! : Are you in NYC and would like to be apart of, Pink Shisha’s nail-art session? Call for more info


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Pink Shisha: Women Run This!


Coming a long way from the, Victorian era where women responsibilities were to take care of the house hold as housewife, and men held the duties of bringing home the income. Now, in the postmodern era these gender roles has changed and women of all ethnicity are becoming their own boss and becoming the primary income winner of their households!

To bring light to the magnificent development of women’s liberation, Cunnt Claws felt greatly thrilled to attend the “Female Entrepreneur Mixer” that took place at Bronx’s dainty nail boutique, Pink Shisha. Of course, meeting some sort of women figure goes hand in hand when you take a trip to the nail shop, but this night turn out to be special. Pink Shisha, nail boutique was filled with a mixture of influential creative women that came together for a night of networking. With several nail art captured, the focus is largely on the identity of the countless faces to what the modern day women represent, as they come from different realm of entrepreneurship.

shisha31Female Entrepreneur: Milly Lopez / Owner of Pink Shisha



SONY DSC(Our darling!) New York nail artist , Kelly Blackwell


shisha66Female Entrepreneur: Rosa Irizarry of “Simply Gorgeous” Cosmetics & Fashion


shisha39(She representing!! )All for the love of , DIOSA nail polish!!! Kelly B, thumb nail art…

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: (Right) Velma Rose-Romans of “Mass Mutual Financial Group”

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: Ja’Net Jackson of “Lash-A-Holic”


Shisha1SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: Women of “Morinda Bioactives”

shisha14Female Entrepreneur: Qwana Reynolds of “Friend In Your Pocket”

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: (L-R) Rebecca Borrero of “The Mommy” / Milly Lopez “Pink Shisha”


shisha1Female Entrepreneur: (Right) Margaret Lajara-Ruiz of “Xpressions by ML”

shisha15Female Entrepreneur: Tee Kaye of ” Klahsik Diva Accessories”



SONY DSCAhhh yes, saving the best for last!! One of the main reason to LOVE, Pink Shisha nail boutique: The Hookah sessions!!! In New York, Pink Shisha is thy only nail shop where you can indulge in blowing some smoke while you have fun getting manicures and pedicures. Perfect for chilling with your girls!

SONY DSCMs. Shisha herself, caught easing her mind with some flavored hookah


shisha5 Female Entrepreneur: Chris Herrera “Tu Bitxhy Boutique”

SONY DSCKelly and I… I don’t think I was completely ready for all that smoke, and Kelly’s face confirmed! Fun times

Special shout-outs to all the ambitious ladies who attended the, Female Entrepreneur Mixer. With all that was going on, from all the ladies with the different experienced back grounds in the room, to the entire decor of the shop’s setting- it was hard to take in everything ! Cunnt Claws will definitely be back at, Pink Shisha! Stay tune for that, and in the meantime: