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NAIL that ART! : Maria Lassnig

maria GIFS7

 Austrian artist, Maria Lassnig art speaks in volumes as her self-portraits take on the emotions of someone going through mental phases based on external body image.

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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Minimalistic Sensation


Embracing self identity, I have taken a whole of my crafty subtle actions of coordinating; nail-art , personal tattoos and artificially added finger art [which later turned into permanent tattoos]. Occasionally, a minimal wordless story can mean so many with continuous preview. FOCUS: Fabrication , Nail-Art , and body art!:

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D-DAY: Diosa Nail Polish

diosa3 : header

With everything soaring here in, The Big Apple my mind was fully set of anticipation for another LIVE episode of D-DAY for Diosa nail polish launch!! To give you some general background, D-DAY simply mean “Diosa-Day” and it has become a yearly nail event preserved by nail polish creator, Diana Long who is recognizable here at Cunnt Claws. Continue reading

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Nail Inspiration: The Illustrated Nail


Art literally goes HAND-IN-HAND with artist inspiration to place dope artisty on nails! The Illustrated Nails is really good with that. Here, French sculpture artist, Henri Matisse artwork was used to give a lively representation of color from his well known cut-out print.

the illustrated nail

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thenailistaproject 8 1970’s pornography actress, Linda Lovelace nail art theme created with a patriotic style using the , Cunnt Claws and Dope Digits “Women Of Popular Culture” water decals!

Check out the artist [here]

Shop the “Women of Popular Culture” decals [here]

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Cunnt Claws Nail’d


 Organically feeling like myself with the classic, half-moon nail design. Every now-and-then when I want to downplay my overly outspoken design choice, I recreate the half-moon depending on mood. My real-time nail length has grown to be a lot longer than usual but I didn’t mind sporting the dramatic look! (snaps) The nail polish used [ Esse: Yellow / Lime Crime: Once Upon A Blue Mousse]: