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Cynthia Rowley Presentation SS15: Highlighting BirchBox & Color Club nail lacquers

ROWLEYBLOG4Ready To Wear, Spring/Summer 2015 looks hip and mod for the, Cynthia Rowley fashion show this season! Continuing on, New York Fashion week with an outburst: nails coverage are completely on point and ready for exposure as beauty sponsor, BirchBox and Color Club give the ultimate essentials for cool significant press this week! Continue reading

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D-DAY: Diosa Nail Polish

diosa3 : header

With everything soaring here in, The Big Apple my mind was fully set of anticipation for another LIVE episode of D-DAY for Diosa nail polish launch!! To give you some general background, D-DAY simply mean “Diosa-Day” and it has become a yearly nail event preserved by nail polish creator, Diana Long who is recognizable here at Cunnt Claws. Continue reading

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Japanese Styling: AKIKO Hair & Nails

A50[MINASAN KON’NICHIWA!!] AKIKO Hair & Nails is what one considers the ultimate hidden gem!!!! Located inside, The Market NYC: A space that accommodates local independent artist and designer vendors selling eclectic jewelry, home goods and clothes. Being centered in the heart of  Greenwich Village which happens to be the most famous part of Manhattan, known for its historical art and culture, Akiko Hair & Nails offers services for an eclectic mixture of professional motivated crowd. Continue reading

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Cunnt Claws Nail’d


 Organically feeling like myself with the classic, half-moon nail design. Every now-and-then when I want to downplay my overly outspoken design choice, I recreate the half-moon depending on mood. My real-time nail length has grown to be a lot longer than usual but I didn’t mind sporting the dramatic look! (snaps) The nail polish used [ Esse: Yellow / Lime Crime: Once Upon A Blue Mousse]:






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East & West Coast Rap Game ft. Dope Digits

 (Throw em’ up…Resurrected and on our claws!!!) Its nothing but a gansta nail party,while bringing the life back to some of hip-hop’s most influential rappers. East Coast nail art artist , Kelly (I Nailed It) and I teamed up to do a fun competition of “Nail Art Blogger v.s. Nail Artist” segment to pay tribute to the 1990’s rap game using nail decals courtesy of our favorite nail decal supplier, Dope Digits (East Coast!):

east 9



east 1

east 10



east 8

Honestly speaking, this has got to be the most disobedient concept to ride out. Due to the leverage from the 3-demensional jewels that are used, it was extremely hard to keep them on without them getting tangle onto something or snugged off from intense hand usage (It really bought the history of the east/west coast rap rivalry to perspective). Some of the jewels actually came off before I even got a chance to snap photos. Thanks to, Kelly who acted as “team save-ah-claw”, everything was back to perfection after couple of adjustments. My favorite are the “Exotic Dancer” decal- they are my “real-life” groupies h***, lol (Can’t conceptualize the rap game w/out groupies involve!) From Kelly’s nail set, I truly favored the, Coney Island landmark. Growing up as a child in Brooklyn, Coney Island was a place to escape and have fun with the homies. Which nail set do you favor: Cunnt Claws or I Nailed It?

Additional Nail Design Info:


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